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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Neurosis - Raze The Stray

Falling out, crawling out, seeking out
Emerge now and see the
Returning to raze my shrine
Whole seeds no soul
Blind, shall we lay tides shallow
Wise, I stand my ground
I will not stray
Wounding the ego, get up lick your wounds
Mistrust to survive, avoid being burned alive
Biting other people with words
Searching for oblivion, small scares etc permanence
Tearing your whole life to shreds
All that was alive and spontaneous
Fading under the crests of imbalance
Gnaw your teeth into fangs, only to have them lash out at yourself
For what they forever have done to you
Numbness escapes, willing to face the pain
Your rebirth demands a part of you dead
The longing in your heart for transcendence
Something greater than what we've become


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