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Monday, December 04, 2006

Arrested Developement

For a nation to sustain economic growth, a stable political climate is almost essential for success. The national government of any country acts as representative of that nations interests on the stage of global politics. It is now impossible for any nation to remain self-sufficent and isolated from the rest of the world. Nations like North Korea which to stand alone are still forced to trade with other governements and NGOs for weapons, food, etc. Foreign investment and trade bring wealth in the form of money, politcal partnerships, and goods which would otherwise not be available. If a developing nation has an unstable government or economic base, outside nations are hesitant to become involved. After all, if there is little chance of an equal return on an investment, why would one want to invest? Therefore a specific criterea is needed to judge the progress and stability of any developing nation, at least if a large coalition of nations were to become involved in "nation building".


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