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Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Time Machine Question"

I do not think that there will be a world government in 2106. Even though the EU is creating more and more of a whole European nation, and with the World Bank and IMF, I see how one might think it is a possibility, however, there are still too many people and too many conflicting issues to have a world government. This type of government would have to take into account so many variables that it would never come to a consensus, or agreement to get things done. Also, there would be the issue of a military. Would a world government have it's own huge military to control everybody? Also, there are so many different cultures and identities in the world, that having one big government would be bland, or boring in a way, because it would be difficult to incorporate all the diverse languages, food, and activities, that make life interesting and worth while. As much as we would all like, especially liberalists, it's never going to be a completely peaceful world, and it would be so much harder and more stressful on everyone to have to deal with a conflict, which could potentially also involve war, between two cultures that are in the world. Furthermore, for example, the Roman Empire was so huge and thriving, but soon it got too big for its britches so to speak, and it wasn't able to concentrate or control all the territory it kept acquiring. It had to put people in charge of different sections, so it ended up that they were still basically their own territories because the central government was too large and far away to effectively govern. A world government would obviously be on a much larger scale, but basically, it would result that each territory, or country in this case, would need to still have its own government. Therefore, it would end up being much like it is today, and how it probably will continue to be like even 100 years from now because it's probably the only actually feasible system. There would be soverign countries all on there own, with their own government, and they would still attempt to work together on an international level.


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