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Monday, December 11, 2006

Last Reflection

I would like to say first that I was satisfied, as was my group, Venezuela with the results of the development conference. The amendment from the EU was very important, so i'm glad that it was voted on to the proposal. Also, as much as I love McDonalds and the people who represented it, I have to say that I do think it was necessary to strip them of their vote. Since it is just a corporation, essentially, it mainly has money on its mind, even if it says it's devoted to other causes and helping people, but it's not like a country that actually has citizens to worry about and serve. Also, I would have to say that I agree somewhat with Bob and somewhat with what Jackie said in her post. I agree with Bob that there still needs to be a government for the people that will look out for the people, and I don't think that international corrporations necessarily look out for and represent the people. However, I agree with Jackie that business men are there to make money and the best way to do that is to make your workers happy, and yes, Henry Ford is a good example.
To completely change the subject and voice my opinion, I would like to say that I do not play any video games and never have the intention to do so, and I find it amazing to see how immersed and involved some people get. I think that this whole concept of the Metaverse and computer viruses like in Snow Crash, is crazy. Personally, I think it's really scary to imagine a future where people are so obsessed with computer games that they basically become real-life. I cannot believe that people spend real money and hours of their time on that game we were talking about in class, WOW or something like that. If people become so involved in these unreal worlds, then their real worlds will deteriorate and there will be no social interaction, which there is already much less of these days. I enjoyed our discussion, but I actually find it frightening to imagine how people let computers and these fake worlds take over their lives.


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