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Monday, December 11, 2006

Hasta La Vista Baby

So this is it guys, no more UC World Politics :( It was overall a very enjoyable experience and I especially enjoyed the final simulation. Making and sharing the movies was fun and I "enjoyed" experiencing the frustrating bureaucracy of international cooperation first hand. And although there were some hard feelings, I really think that "kicking" McDonalds out of the simulation was entertaining and an important lesson in diplomacy. These things do happen in real life, and if any of us (and I assume many of us do) wish to be involved in international diplomacy, then these are important lessons that we have to learn. I believe that things we learned in UC about world politics and about ourselves (I discovered I am a realist, go figure!) will help us enrich our college expirence. I am going to miss our discussions and PTJ's mini lightsaber, but at least we have another semester to live and share more expriences with Dominos together. And with that, in the words of the great Edward R. Murrow, good night and good luck my fellow UCers!


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