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Monday, December 11, 2006

Good bye fairwell

Bob stated in class something to the effect of that if the private sector replaced the government the interests of the people would not be represented. That without a government for the people the people will be taken advantage off and corruption will spread. However, I believe that instead of the government looking out for the people organizations, kind of like labor unions, will emerge to look out and represent the people. The only way that corruption can lead a group is if the people allow for corruption to lead a group. Also who is to say that the new international corporations are not looking out for their people. Business men now how to make money and the best way to make money is for your workers to be happy. Look at Henry Ford, he proved over minimum wage jobs and was very successful.
Also international organizations always get a bad reputation for outsourcing. However, the reason they outsource is to find cheaper labor. In the United States population is demanding more money due to inflation. One reason for inflation in the country is due to a war that a lot of the population believes is wrong. So I must take into account what Liz said which was that governmental bodies rarely look out for he interests of the people. And I must expand and say that one can not blame outsourcing on organizations one must blame it on the government.
Last, if international organizations did take over governance then people would have to adapt. One has no idea what could happen to technology, perceptions, etc. within that time so maybe everything privatized would not be that bad at that point in time.


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