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Monday, December 04, 2006

Gandhi would say yes

What can I really say about Friday’s class, I really enjoyed making the movie. Clearly you all can see that the EU will always rule in film. I would just like to respond to the groups that said that our development policy should not have human rights as an element of the policy. First of all human rights would just be an addition to the other elements of the policy; it would not be the entire policy like some seemed to proclaim when thye stated that we should focus on something else. It is needed so that countries are able to have a stable social atmosphere and thus a prosperous economy. Also the group representing India stated that they have many different religions so they would not want conflict to arise thus they voted against this amendment. I think they should look closer to their demographics because 80% of the population is Hindu and in this religion women are looked at as helpers to man’s success. Thus, I don’t think that the country would have as much of a reaction as they expected and in turn they are rejecting an amendment that would further stimulate their economy by allowing more workers and thus greater the supply of production.


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