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Monday, November 20, 2006


Quote from where? First person to anwser gets pumpkin pie for a dollar! Friday’s class was lots of fun for me. I found it very challenging to defend La Maliche because in my eyes she was very guilty. The group that prosecuted did a great good however a reason that they might have not won their case was because they did not discuss that her methods were not an act of survival like my group stated but a premeditative plan to take revenge on her former culture. The Aztecs sold her into slavery and once her opportune moment came she kicked her plan into gear. One can believe this because it states that she became his mistress “during the decisive phase, from the departure from the coast to the fall of the Aztec capital.” (100) This quote shows that she had a plan and this was just a piece of that plan. Also it shows that she know how to get what she wanted because if one looks at the time frame that she slept with Cortes it was only during the phase that she needed to manipulate him and scheme him into the downfall of the Aztecs. She only slept with him when she had manipulated all other variables; such as the trust of the Spanish and Aztecs. Now I know that my opinion could be a little far fetched however, I think that it would have been a good argument to make within a court.
Which brings me to another point that Emma mentioned in her blog which I agree with. I believe that people have to be prosecuted in the time period with the rules and regulations that were established during that time period. This is so because what could have been considered the norm at the time could be considered illegal now and what could be considered illegal then could be considered the norm now. Laws and regulations are established to help keep society civilized. Since we have become more advanced ( I don’t say civilized because clearly Adam proved that that can be refuted) times have changed and the attitudes and beliefs of people have changed thus the laws that reflect that society have to change. One can not persecute someone under completely different laws that they lived in, it would just not be fair. And no matter what as time goes on things will never be the same situation or moment as the past,; they will be similar but not the same.


Blogger Darcy said...

Jackie!! I meant to comment on this a long time ago, but I forgot. The quote is from "A Few Good Men!" It's crazy that you wrote that because while in class, I was actually thinking that quote in my head, and then I was excited when I saw you put it on your blog. I get a big prize now!?

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