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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reflection on La Malinche

Friday's class was actually very enjoyable because the layout was different, and employing the book as a reference for creating arguments was helpful. My group was assigned the difficult task of prosecuting La Malinche, and we found this was not an easy job. To be honest, I had not read up to all the parts that contained information about her, so coming into the project, I did not even know very much. However, by consulting the book and discussing with each other, we formed some strong arguments. The trouble was, was that it was hard to find some hard evidence against her for the jury to be able to convict her. At first, we all agreed that it would it be significantly easier to defend her. That is what made this such a good project because since we had to be on the other side, we had to challenge ourselves, and through the process we convinced ourselves more and more of her guilt. So, when we finally presented it, we truly believed in our arguments. I do agree and understand though that it was not enough to actually convict her because if there is any reasonable doubt then the jury should not convict. I also thought it was interesting to listen to the arguments for and against Cortes, and I definitely would have convicted him. About what we discussed afterwards, I would have to say that I agree with Kristin and Daniel and whoever else that there are certain moral standards with which to judge people through the times, and I do think this project is useful. I see what Jackie was saying about how do we have a right to convict or condemn someone from history because we live in a much more liberal society right now. However, I still think that though we are much more liberal, there are moral absolutes, and we can use them to judge or at least discuss and analyze events and people in history.


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