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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reflection on class and the Museum of the American Indian

I really enjoyed the layout of Friday's class. I thought it was helpful to go back into the book to find evidence supporting a certain perspective. The Museum of the American Indian was very interesting. I enjoyed the displays of the tools and weapons as well as the backgrounds of the different tribes. I also saw the movie they had playing and thought that it was well put together. Since I won't be in class of Tuesday, I thought that I would write my part of the discussion of the museum on the blog. I noticed that the Native American image was glorified in the museum compared to the Todorov book. The museum celebrates the American Indian culture while Todorov doesn't really discuss the natives except when describing what Columbus or Cortes did in the way of atrocities. The only exception is La Malinche, Cortes' interpreter. I really enjoyed the explanations of the different tribes and I enjoyed comparing the many different cultures. I noticed at the museum that the majority of people there were families or older people. There were lots of little children with their families. It seems to me that the museum is geared more toward educating children on Native American culture and way of life. I also noticed that most of the tour guides and workers are Native Americans which adds quite a bit of accreditation to the museum from a cultural perspective. Another aspect of the museum that added to its accreditation was the dance performance by a Native American tribe. I felt that again it added to the learning experience of the museum. I feel bad that I can't be in class but I hope this adds to the discussion.


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