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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Question Nine

The questions this week about wealth depend on one's definition of wealth, which we debated in class last Friday and continued to do so in our reflection blogs. However, I believe that regardless of which definition of wealth one bases their answer on it is definitely better to be wealthy than otherwise. If wealth is considered anything which we consider very valuable such as: money, diamonds, or as some people brought up, loving family and friends, then it is obviously better to have than otherwise. Even a little wealth will give the basic necessities, food, clothing, and shelter, and nobody would desire to live in poverty. In this aspect, the answer is very clear and obvious that it is better to be wealthy than otherwise. However, if it was the difference between being upper-middle class or being extremely rich, the answer might not be as clear. Most, on impulse would say it is still better to be wealthy, but it is noteworthy to consider all the problems that wealth often brings. Having wealth generally automatically creates enemies, those who are jealous and who want some of your wealth. This often leads to conflicts, some bad enough to result in murder, or stealing. Also, wealth can easily destroy a person if they don't know how to handle it properly. It can make people snobby or unpractical. That is not always the case as some would put it towards good causes and still save and spend wisely. It also depends on if someone is born wealthy or just comes into wealth at some point in their life. It might be more difficult to deal with and could cause more problems if one just comes into it, if they don't deal with it properly. Thus, wealth is not always desirable.


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