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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Question #8

I believe that promoting economic growth shouldn't depend only on the state, it should be largely a federal responsibility. One state should be looking to promote the growth of the national economy, it should be looking out for its own economy becasue in promoting the state's economic growth, it promotes the national economic growth. Saying that, a state should do all it can to promote the state's economy. The state should be looking to attract companies and jobs that would bring people to settle in the state. This action would create economic growth and prosperity in the state, which would lead to national economic growth.
The second part of the question which deals with economic growth and conflicting values and goals, I believe that if values and goal interfere with economic growth, then those values need to be re-evaluated as to why they are the state's goals. If there is no economic growth, the economy grows stagnant which wouldn't promote the state' values and goals either. States should compare the two and find the lesser of the two evils.
A state should go as far as it needs to in order to promote economic growth without focusing only on economic growth. The economy is important, but I feel that it isn't the only important thing a states needs to deal with. My city back home is right now trying to clean up so it will attract more businesses and jobs to the area to promote economic growth and increase population.


Blogger lennear said...

Beka - careful with your use of "state". Remember that in IR "state" often refers to what we call in everyday speech a "nation", not to states such as Maine, Massachusetts or Virginia.

12:30 PM  

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