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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yes, Columbus could have treated the indigenous people better because he did think that he was in India. It was not like he was like well I found a new continent so I will takeover. He at one point would probably want to trade for India spices. Silk, etc. Because Columbus grow up in a time of conquering far off lands for God, Glory, and Gold one could not expect much more. I would expect him to form peaceful relations with the natives so that he would get great trade connections, but what better way to trade Indian merchandise than to rule the manufactures themselves. It was natural and excepted to think that Columbus was superior to the indigenous people. As Emma says in her blog, what would Columbus think if he ran into people who worshiped different gods than him and living in a more primitive manor. Columbus should not be exonerated as a result of him being a product of his time. In fact, no one should be eliminated from blame if they have done something wrong, it is still their fault and they should take responsibility for their actions. In this case it is the people of the future, us, who should also take responsibility and make sure that something like this never happens again. Right know in places all over the world there are mass genocides led by people’s prejudices. We can not expect anything more from Columbus when similar situations are still occurring. However, at the moment it is our fault for not doing anything to stop it just like it was Columbus’s fault for allowing his mass killings and torture of the indigenous people to happen. Mistakes happen and there will always be discrimination and that is way we study history so not to repeat such horrible times.


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