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Monday, November 13, 2006

Government and Corruption

One question that arouse during class on Friday was what out of all of the problems do we think is the most important to solve. Bryan stated that it was government and corruption and I completely agree. The government should be there to protect the people and look out for its interests. If it is corrupt then the people who suffer the most are the people of that country. If corruption was solved within a country then things such as infectious diseases, trade barriers, suitable drinking water, education, etc. could all be solved through and with the support of the government. However, I have no idea how one is to go about eliminating corruption from a country. One can not just invade and force their type of governance over a country. For example, the US recently invaded Afghanistan to establish a democracy. What we think is the best form of government may not work for that certain country with their population. I also think it is quite contradictory that the US forces democracy on other countries. I guess the only people who can get rid of the corruption are the population of the country itself. Nevertheless, when just looking at what problem would be best to solve first, I would agree with Bryan in saying government and corruption because it could lead to solving many more problems.


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