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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Good Old Days

I agree with what Kristen had to say that it says a lot when one can be happy with what they have and that most people if they have more money don’t become happier. I find it sad that in today’s society college is not about the amount of knowledge on can gain it is about finding a good job with a high salary after college. Don’t get me wrong one needs to consider their monetary means after college however that should not be their drive. They should go into a field that they enjoy and that makes them happy. If their drive is to make as much money as possible they will be more likely to have to give up their passions, friends, family, etc. As America becomes richer the amount of families that stay together become smaller. To me this is not a sacrifice that I would ever want to make. People now get so wrapped up in “providing” for the family that they don’t actually spend time becoming a family. This term has changed overtime since about 70 years ago “providing” meant having enough food on the table and a house to live in. Today “providing” includes having leftover food on the table, a house with a room for each family member and a guest, a car for every person able to drive, a vacation once a year, and a $43,000 a year college for each of the 2.5 kids. However, with this change 50% of American couples have divorced. The number one cause of divorce is money. So is it better to be wealthy than have a happy and growing family, or than to give up ones passions, or than to throw away ones morals? No. Even though wealth is desirable I would much rather accept my financial situation to be able to see the things that really matter in life such as friends, family, hobbies etc.


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