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Monday, November 27, 2006

Friday's Class

First I would like to say that I hope that everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day and that they eat (not as much because I know that is not possible) but a lot of food because it is back to TDR for us. Friday’s class tended to get off track and we ended up talking about different people’s beliefs and perspectives. It seemed to be the general consensus that an argument is pointless when too people agree to disagree. I don’t believe that an argument is pointless under this condition. Arguments or discussions such as the ones we have in class every Friday help stimulate that brain and by hearing other people’s perspectives one is able to grow as a person. Also by arguing one’s point one stabilizes their points of the argument. If people just conformed to each other’s opinions the world would be a very boring place and people’s minds would not be stretched or challenged. It is though discussion and argument that people learn and can learn to see other’s perspectives but don’t have to agree with them.
To address the question I think Lennea mentioned this in class but I am not really sure if it was someone else sorry but the quote is definitely written by an explorer. I justifies his desire to explore and find the unknown. Someone with a strong base in one place would definitely not agree. Plus if one looks at everything as a foreign country then one can not make connections between cultures. Every culture will be looked at as foreign and nothing will be similar. Which is unfortunate because when it comes down to it humans are really very similar.


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