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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Careful Careful

While I agree with both Darcy and Beka's conclusions that the government must play a role in the economy, I think we should be careful as to how much of a role we give government in said field. After all, look at citizens of the former Soviet Union. Their nation had an extremely powerful economy regulated by the government, but they we're miserable. The goverment regulated every part of their economic lives, leaving them with no autonomy. Economic growth should never be at the expense of our values and goals. After all, what good is a few dollars in your pocket or a high GPA when you have sacraficed every thing you stand for to get them. Government needs to watch the economy closely, make sure it continues to benefit the nation and all that live in it. Government should be in charge of stimulating the economy to create jobs (I'm not going to go into how, we are all taking Macro), but it should leave the rest up to the individual citizens.
We live in a capitalist society and as such we need to embrace the free market and all it's ups in downs. Capitalism doesn't guarantee full employment, but it does guarantee the freedom to chose what jobs we hold and what do with the money we make. This is an essencial right all Americans have, and I don't think we as citizens of this nation would tolearate anything less even if it meant a more powerful economy.


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