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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Security Threat: Red level

Natural disasters should be considered a security threat because when a country has been hit with a natural disaster they are in a very vulnerable state. They are at their weakest point and need help from everyone to regain composure and stability; just as if the country was hit by a terrorist attack. The same kind of aid such as medical including physical and mental, construction, and the basic survival necessities are required for all security threats. The same kind of results exist between what one would normally consider a security threat and a natural disaster: long term pain and suffering. The point is not what one should call a situation the point is what the government does to prevent this “security threat” and if it happens the government's job is to aid and rejuvenate the country. For example, if the government would have considered Hurricane Katrina as a security threat maybe there would have been less mass confusion and disorientation.
Thus, the response to natural disasters should be planned out more. It can’t be prevented and once it happens people are reduced to inhuman survival tactics that are not just short term but like Katrina can last a life time. Thus, people can prevent the distraction that follows natural disasters by creating a plan for aid and recovery that would go along with every situation. This way aid and recovery can be efficient and more productive.


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