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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Reflection on Security

I thought that it was very interesting to compare and contrast the two national security strategies by the United States from different years. It was a good idea to compare the Cold War and everyone's attitudes with the war on terror and how attitudes are different. In NSC-68 they considered the threat to be communism and therefore the main threat to be the Soviet Union. However, in the more recent security strategy, the threat was no longer communism but rather terrorism, which anyone could do and not just a specific country. Our group had to look at the NSC-68 document and determine how it defined security. We said that security is a balancing act between protecting the freedom of the individual and the state to protect the values and morals of our society. In class we also had to consider how you would know what a security threat was. I thought this was interesting because depending on who's eyes you are looking through, different things could be considered security threats. Anyway, I enjoyed our class discussion, and it made me think about different ways to look at security and I like talking about the Kremlin and the Cold War because I always think that time period is so interesting.


Blogger JB said...

Agree with you Darcy that it was very interesting to compare the NSC:68 and the National Security Policy of the US in 2002. What I thought was amazing was the similarly that one can find between each policy. During the Cold War the treat was communism thus the containment policy emerged. Now the new threat is terrorism and the US created a similar policy. These policies however are somewhat different because in the Cold War the containment policy was to contain communism by creating pro- Capitalism regimes around the communist country so that communism would not spread. Today to fight the war on terror the policy of the United States is to invade the country in which the regime is set up to force it to become pro-democratic. The reason for this might be due to the fact that the enemy is no longer a state with specific boarders they are regimes that fight by killing the innocent.

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