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Monday, October 30, 2006


I would like to elaborate on a comment that Adam stated in class which was that Americans in general make such a big deal about terrorist attacks because it is different from everyday life; unlike the life of say a person living in the Middle East. This was in reference to why Americans react the way they do with a terrorist attack apposed to a car accident which kills more people a year than a terrorist attack. I thought Adams point was a good one to make. Humans are naturally scared of the unknown and since unfortunately car accidents are not the unknown in our country, people have become somewhat unaffected by them. Terrorist attacks however are not the norm and that is why people react the way they do.
Also the media plays a big role in the new reaction of Americans because their goal is not to report the news but to get the highest ratings. To make this goal the media has become almost its own little Hollywood. People will only watch if there is blood, sex, and gore. Thus that is the only thing that the news features and they have become obsessed with finding the best story before each other. It is said that a mother could turn on CNN and find out the death of her son before the military has told her. Americans are a product of their society and the news is a big part of that. Thus if the news tells them to react greatly to a terrorist attack they will however, the news does not even feature a section of the amount of people who died in a car accident that day thus they don’t have as great of a reaction.


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