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Monday, October 16, 2006

Question #6

Should natural disasters be considered security threats? My answer to this question is no, unless we happen to be in a large war and this natural disaster wipes out supplies, power, and our defenses across a large span of the country. Natural disasters can come at the most inopportune moments but they should only be considered a serious security threat if it destroys a large portion of our supplies to defend and sustain ourselves. After Katrina, many parts of the south were devestated, but I don't think that would be considered a security threat. Yes, there were large quantities of oil that we were unable to get because Katrina destroyed most of the off-shore oil rigs and most stores/businesses were shut down for quite a while because of the extensive storm damage. However, the country would still have been able to defend itself against an attack in that area and in other areas of the country. If the whole southern half of the country was severely crippled, which I don't forsee happening, then it would probably be considered a security threat. In this sense of the term security threat, I mean it would threaten the security of our nation. This pharsed is used most commonly nowadays to describe a person's act that purposely threatened the safety of our nation. Natural disasters don't happen on purpose. Because they don't, it would take a large natural disaster to be considered a security threat. Using this definition, the tsunami in India a few years ago would be considered a security threat in my eyes.


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what about security within the area ffected though? you just talked about national security...

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