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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Question 6: Natural Disasters

Natural disasters should be considered security threats for many reasons. One definition of security is freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt. When a natural disaster occurs, such as a hurricane or tsunami, people's lives are turned upside down, thus they are no longer secure, or feel freedom from danger or risk which is another definition of security. Usually when the world hears security, it thinks national security or it thinks about terrorism. However, this question asks in general if it would be a security threat, and the answer is yes. Regardless of the fact that natural disasters are unpreventable and not the doings of humans, they are still extremely powerful and definitely create insecurity, not only in people's lives that are forever changed, but also in the cities, states, etc. which are affected by the natural disaster.
I do though also believe that natural disasters should be considered security threats in the realm of national security. If a natural disaster occurs in a country, it generally causes mayhem and chaos, at least right away. Therefore, the country is vulnerable to possible attacks because it's attention and resources are elsewhere. Even if for a short while, until things are under control, the disaster is a threat to the country's security because it causes discontent among its own citizens, and it basically creates a weak point, where threats to security are more imminent. So, a natural disaster is a threat in many senses of the word "security."


Blogger JB said...

I completely agree with you especially when you look at the facts
In July of 2006 it was reported at 100,000 people are still living in 37,745 trailers
1,836 people died and 1,577 of them were from Louisiana and 12,000 families were displaced
58,000 National Guard personnel were sent to help with the aftermath
$81.2 Billion dollars was spent by the US government in response to Katrina
When you look at these it shows that Natural disasters have long term consequences thus the US government should be prepared for such catastrophes; thus, natural disasters should be considered a security threat. Also, 58,000 of our national guard had to be sent in to help with the aftermath thus it put the country in a very vulnerable situation militarily. Last, Hurricane Katrina was the most expensive Hurricane in the history of the United States. That puts the country at an economic disadvantage. All I am trying to say is if Natural disasters were considered a security threat then maybe the government would be able to handle them in a more organized and effective way.

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