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Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Aware

I don’t think that the world is more secure, I think that the world is more aware. September 10, 2001 I thought that there would never be another war. In my eyes there was no need for one. Yes, I was that naive. I was not aware of terrorist organizations and the threat that they imposed on our nation. However, to be truthful I also did not follow international news. September 11, 2001 made me grow up. It made me open my eyes to the world and not just see Franklin, Tennessee and its “problems.” I believe that more teens began to read the newspaper and question why would someone want to do this? Generation X had not experienced a situation so intense that their country would go to war until this point. That made us curious which lead to us becoming more knowledgeable of foreign policy. I don’t feel safer even five years after 9/11 but I am glad that more people are interested in our countries foreign policy especially the growing increase of interest coming from the future of our country. But this at least gives me hope for the future to find a new way to deal with our new security threat (terrorists) and to maybe resume the peace of the 90s.


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