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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Does the IMF have Morals?

It is human nature to use morals and beliefs in ones opinions. Thus, when one is evaluating an organization such as, the IMF even if one tries to evaluate it without any moral or ethical grounds there will still be a bias perspective. For example, if the IMF was not successful in giving foreign aid to needy countries like for instance if money was given to several countries and the situation in these counties did not improve would people be able to dismantle the IMF under lack of efficacy? I think that it would be several years if ever for people to realize the inefficacy because they are too blinded by the moral and ethical grounds that support and make up the IMF. Until people have brains in which they can leave out the emotional and social aspect of decision morals and ethics will always be within ones opinion even subconsciously.
This brings one to the actual question is it appropriate? Yes, it is appropriate because humans cannot have a non-bias practical evaluation. The IMF is set up on moral and ethical values, why else would an organization be established to give money too aid countries. Thus, when evaluating this international organization one can not leave out a moral or ethical approach with the establishment of the program is based on a moral and ethical ground.


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