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Monday, October 09, 2006

Consumers are the New President

I also really enjoyed Friday’s class. I thought that it was fun to be given a position and go with not what you believe in, but what your position would believe.
In response to PTJ’s question at the end of class: which IR theory would support our position? My group’s position was the consumers thus we did not want the tariffs. Since we took this side one could say that constructivism could support our position. This is because constructivists believe that the future is not restricted and that there are different paths that the world has the ability to choose. Thus, if a tariff needs to be changed it can be changed. The people that were able to choose, accordingly to the constructivist were, the people themselves. This would definitely support the consumer perspective. It is the people that give the government sovereignty and as my group tried to explain to the president and secretary we are the people you need to please. I guess my groups could just say we don’t think that PTJ is the President anymore and that Lennea is not the Secretary of Commerce and the representatives of the consumers now run the country. In that split second we are the new head of government for the United States. Concluding, the constructivist approach gives the consumers the power and that is what they would want the most.


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