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Monday, October 23, 2006

Are Americans Ready?

I find it very scary that just in the last 30 years a new threat has developed that hinders our security. I am talking about terrorism. In The National Security policy of US for 2002 it states that the “the enemy is terrorism” which is “premeditated politically, motivated violence perpetrated against innocents.” This is a totally different field that America had gotten into. It reminds me of when the American Soldiers had to learn a whole new way to fight against the Japanese in World War II. Now America has to again find a new way to fight because the enemy is not a state anymore it is a regime. Everyone is fair game to our enemies however if Americans want to keep there same set of moral tactics (or at least what the American people perceive about the militaries tactics) they are going to have find a way to only destroy the regime not the individuals living in the country in which the regime is established.
I guess I am scared about the unknown and if the American administration continues with their interesting form of Foreign policy (in which I mean creating a large list of enemies) America could possibly not be the most powerful nation anymore. As a child of the 90s growing up in a time where the American economy was booming I think that many of us would not know how to react if America was not most powerful country.


Blogger Ashley said...

hasn't terrorism existed longer than 30 years? terrorism is essentially the intimidation of people or a group for means of expressing one's opinion. this is unfortunately used to harm others and specifically, we experienced it on sept. 11. but the idea of differing opinions and acts of rebuttal has been around for awhile...

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