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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why Beckham and not Vince Young?

While I was at the Navy football game I started to wonder why soccer has become the sport of globalization? Why not American football or basketball or baseball? Also why had these sports become so popular in America and why soccer is just developing into a popular sport in the USA?
Looking at it, America and in fact, the rest of the world have just become accustomed to the idea of the world becoming "smaller" and the concept of globalization. The European union was just established in the early 90s and before America was in the Cold War in which American set up a isolated foreign policy. Then one has to go back even further past WWII and consider the Golden Age of Sports which occurred shortly after WWI. During this time baseball became known as "America's favorite pass time" because they were entertained with the talents of Jackie Robinson, and America went into a period of isolationism which lasted until WWII. Thus soccer become more established in foreign countries because they were exposed to it. And other countries did not pick up American sports because they were not exposed to them.
Now one has to address my other question: why soccer? As implied before, soccer has been established much longer than American football, baseball, and basketball. Also maybe it could be because the game of soccer was invented in Europe so the European people are more excepting of this game because it does not invade their culture. But then it could just be the game itself. It is appealing to all ages, genders, and races.
Either way soccer is growing quickly as the world becomes smaller and with the right techniques it might even become one of the top American sports. And who knows American football might become one of the top European sports.


Blogger Adam said...

I think soccer is the legacy of colonialism. It's a European sport, and was passed on because many countries (former European colonies) have more affinity with their former colonial masters than the United States. For example, the Indians and Pakistanis have an enduring love for cricket and rugby because it was introduced to them over a period of several centuries by the British.

And of the countries outside of the US where baseball is popular (Japan and Cuba), its not surprising that they were at one point occupied by the United States.

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