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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wednesday Reflection

I thought it was very interesting how we spent most of class discussing aliens on the White House lawn. Everyone brought up interesting points, and I thought it was intriguing how sometimes the subject changed from discussing what we, the United States, would do in such a situation, to why we were even bothering to discuss a theoretical event. I understand how Professor Jackson was making the connection between aliens and for example terrorists, or other rather "foreign species," and I thought it was poignant to discuss how we would react in such an incident. Also, I would have to disagree with Emma a little by saying that it is not completely ridiculous that we were discussing aliens because one can never know what might be around the corner, such as the planes hitting the two towers. Though the specific idea of aliens may seem absurd, anything, anytime, could happen right out of the blue, and we should attempt to be as prepared as possible for any circumstance.


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