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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wednesday Class Reflection

So wednesday's class centered around the aliens landing on the White House lawn problem. I think that the debate was very lively and brought up some good points. However, I believe that we should treat anyone with respect, whether we know anything about them or if they are strangers. I don't think we should bomb the bejeezus out of anyone unless they instigate the fighting, officially declare war, or if we have evidence of someone destroying large amounts of the human population. I also appreciate Prof. Jackson's point of different gestures meaning different things to each civilization/culture. I think that it's a very good point we need to consider. I think that if some unknown civilization shows a gesture, we should be open-minded to any of its possible meanings. I just feel like we should give everyone a chance to explain themselves concerning their actions/gestures and we, as a population, shouldn't jump to any conculsions. However, there are always certain exceptions, such as 9/11. We knew what bin Laden ment by that action, mainly because we knew what kind of culture/group of people we were dealing with. I also think we could never find a definate answer to the alien landing problem becasue we have never encountered and such problem before. It's a completely hypothetical situation with many possible outcomes and decisions based on events happening at that time. It's hard to find an answer in that situation becasue you don't know what you would do. There are so many variables to consider. In general, I think that we should be more open-minded to other cultures or ways of life.


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