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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Realism vs. liberalism

This is another very difficult question posed to us by Professor Jackson. I personaly think that both the realists and the liberals have it right in their own way. Realists believe that military force will always be a central part of world politics while liberals believe that negotiations will resolve the conflict instead of force. The liberal belief is certainly the most desired belief in a perfect world. However I also think that this world will never be perfect so there will always need to be at least a threat of military retaliation in order for peace to have a chance. I'm in no way pro-war. I just think that some countries respond to military threat better than if there is only peace talks. In talks I feel that the stronger power controls the negotiations and the weaker power tends to get the worse end of the deal, in most cases. I would prefer peace talks to military conflict but I don't think that only peace talks would be very wise in this world. I think that a combination of the liberal and realist view is what is right. I think that a country should have a working army but if there is a problem, they should try to settle it through talks instead of through military force. Darcy's post about the Cold War was right on. I couldn't agree more.


Blogger EmilyM said...

I also agree with you in that a combination is the best way. You can't use the liberal theory against all groups, just like it is best with some.

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