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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Realism all the way!

The belief that the military can wither away so that people can solve their problems through peace talks and through mediation is very much a utopian concept. People have different beliefs because of those different beliefs conflict arises. Mediation is a great way to keep the world at peace but when conflict occurs humans will return to their innate sense of protecting themselves thus one could never eliminate the military. Until the world has become one and that includes having the same religion, customs, practices, etc. (I don’t ever see that happening) then the military must stay to protect each country.
The reason I say protect is because the only way I could see this concept potentially working out is if the world forms under one government (again to form the same beliefs) and then that way there would be no reason to attack one another because there would be no land to conquer, religious war to fight, etc. But humanity is not perfect and people don’t get along. It is survival of the fittest, one country or society tries to establish themselves over another in order to gain power. Nevertheless if this was to happen, this perfect world, a military would still need to be in-order for the protection of the people just incase a terrorist group was established. However, even still it just proves that this utopian society will not work.
Concluding that the liberalist view that military can wither away forms a utopian concept in which is not possible due to the fact that one person’s utopia is not the same as another person’s utopia. If people resorted to negotiations conflict would arise because not everyone has the same beliefs thus the military will always need to be established to protect and carry out the elements of survival of the fittest which humanity is innately compelled to.


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I agree, it is a rather utopian idea, kinda like communism...

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