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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I thought it was interesting to get into a discussion about trade embargos and invasions during the Friday class. People made valid points for each option, yet I still think that it depends on the situation. I still think it is worthwhile to attempt to come up with alternative solutions than enforcing a trade embargo or simply just invading a country. I agree a little with what Emma said about if invasions are planned out then they have a much better chance of succeeding.
To change the subject, I thought I would say that I wish we had discussed what we read in the Opello and Rosow book because I thought it was interesting to read about the liberal constitutional state, the antiliberal state, and the managerial state. I thought that one interesting point that was brought up in the managerial state section was that, "political information and images are produced and circulated as industrial products like soap and cars." It was interesting, but anyway I'm excited to see what interesting topics will come up during our pizza party, which I need to go to right now!!


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