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Monday, September 18, 2006

Friday's Class was Prime

I just wanted to start out this post by saying that I enjoyed the end of Friday's class, and the discussion that we had about Machiavelli. It was really interesting to have to argue the other side and I acually ended up questioning my own point of view. I certainly don't argee with many of Machiavelli's views, but the most interesting thing about his work is that fact that its how many hundreds of years later, and we still take this guy seriously, especially considering that Machiavelli was a completely (pardon my french) kiss-ass. So many people, myself included, think his ideas to be out dated, but he is still such an important figure in our debates about so many realms, from international relations, to politics, to religion. The biggest question that got me thinking after class was a point that Dan brought up in our discussion. Machiavelli denounced religion and blamed it for wars and instability. So the question that got me thinking is what is better, a world without culture or religion, but with no wars or cruelity, or the world we live in today, rich with culture and diversity, but full of instability? It's a hard question, one that I don't even know the answer to, but I would love anyone's thoughts!


Blogger PTJ said...

Now that is an interesting question. Although I don't want to try to answer it, let me suggest that before we could even take a stab at it we'd first have to agree (more or less) on the criteria we'd use to evaluate a whole world. What makes a world "good" (or "better")? Indeed, how would we even go about trying to judge thus?

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