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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Friday Reflection

I enjoyed this Friday's class, and it was interesting to have a debate where we had to argue for the opposite of what we actually thought of Machiavelli. Also, I enjoyed listening to everyone's thoughts on UN involvement. Something that I kind of learned or hadn't thought of to look at it in this specific way was the difference between authority and capacity. It made more sense when looking at the problem of UN involvement, to distinguish between the two. Just because someone or something has the capacity to do something does not necessarily mean they have the authority to do it. That could apply to a lot of other issues and not just the United Nations. Some could argue that the United States had the capacity to go into Iraq, but not necessarily the authority to. It depends on how one perceives it. Anyway, I enjoy debating and discussing in class, and I actually kind of feel like we are diplomats at a conference or something because we sit around discussing issues and the best way to go about solving them. Though it will be a while before any of us are real diplomats, this class is an ideal way for us to start learning what it feels like to "wrestle" with such key issues in world politics.


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