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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Embargos? More like Embarg-NOs!

I, like Prof. Jackson, found it interesting that the vast majority of friday's class was dedicated to discussing the idea of trade embargos as an alternative to an invasion in terms of possible means of regime change. I just wanted to start out by saying that I in no way believe that an invasion of a country should be a common policy, and further I believe that it should be a last resort. Look at the current war in Iraq, the situation has become a quagmire for so many reasons, however I firmly believe that if we (as in the United States and its Colalition of the Willing) had taken the time to a.) work with the U.N, and b.) planned the invasion right by anticipating all possible outcomes (looting anyone?) it would have turned out to be far smoother sailing. Like I said earlier, invasions should be the last resort, but if we are going to be seriously considering doing one, we need to be prepared. That being said, although I do not support frequent invasions of nations, I equally do not support trade embargos on nations either. Think about it, who are you really hurting by restricting trade into a nation. A strongman doesn't care if nations don't want to trade with him, he's got all he needs in his palace, or your common worker who is no longer able to afford food and other basic necessities. And whom do you think he will direct his anger towards, his leader, or the international world for starving him. And for those who argue that the anger of said citizen will moblize him and his fellow common men against their leader in a glorious rebellion straight out of V for Vendetta is kidding themselves. It has never happened, and I highly doubt it every will. The strongman's secret police will take care of it before it does. If anything, I believe that international community should encourge trade into the nation in question. I mean look at China, where is the opposition to the communist regime coming from? Not the poor farmer, but the growing middle class that has benefited from the wealthy economy. It's like Adam Smith said, the free market promotes freedom. And now to wrap up this rather long post, I will simply state that it's time for the international community to figure out new ways of dealing with rouge nation outside of the traditions of invasion and trade embargos.


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