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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Constuctivism and Aliens

Emma made a great point on Friday that the analogy of aliens landing on the Whitehouse lawn was far fetched. I thought that it was a great opening however when we really started to consider it it was hard for me to imagine. Since it is so unrealistic I think that made it hard to find the relevance with international relations. It reminded me of Machiavelli because in the Prince he stated that each conflict should be treated with a different result. By imagining that aliens would land on the lawn of the Whitehouse I do not think that any American would know what our result would be. It is so inconceivable at this time that I do not think we can even pretend to know what we would do.
However, it would be like if the Native Americans ever discussed the topic of another civilization across the sea. To them they probably thought that was impossible. Nevertheless, it happened but they did not think that these white men where human; they perceived them to be Gods. So this brings up the question that if aliens came to earth what makes one think that there would only be a fight or flight reaction? In fact, what if humans’ reaction to the landing created another IR theory. This could be the change that Constructivists are looking for.
Concluding, that there are so many reactions to this problem that I find it hard to even discuss seriously. I do however see the relation to International relations in which there is an problem in the world that needs to be fixed and there are three different approaches: the realist approach in which one invades, the liberalist approach in which mediation is in order, and the Constructivist approach in which each situation has to be handled differently. So I guess I take the constructivist approach and say that we will see how we react to Aliens landing on the Whitehouse lawn until it happens.


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