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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Communication is the Key

Last week I didn't write a blog about the most important issue in the world today. However, after discussing with everyone and listening to the various viewpoints I came to the conclusion that communication is the key issue in world politics. A lot of the issues that were discussed were extremely important, and I also felt they correlated to communication in some way. In our communication group we discussed how communication creates understanding amongst cultures, and we also divulged into the subject of media and how it affects communication. We discussed how the media can be responsible for lack of communication at times or sending the wrong message, but I think the media discussion is only one aspect of the entire communication issue. Willingness to have "dialogue" within the world is the key to creating successful communication, thus understanding.
I thought the religion group was very interesting and made some very good points about why it's such an important issue, which I agreed with. Religion has been and still is responsible for much of the conflict in the world: in history with the 30 years war, and now today with everything going on in the middle east. However, I believe that with the right kind of communication there would be less ignorance, which is what is responsible for much of the hate and conflict in history and in today's world.


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