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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Communication is the answer!

Communication is the biggest issue in World Politics today. The reason for this is that the concept of “World” Politics is due to the increase in technology and thus the increase in communication between countries. World Politics would not be here if counrties did not communicate with one another. With the increase in communication countries are now able to trade more efficiently and create stronger relations with one another. It is all one continuous circle. The more efficient the technology the more the world is able to communicate with one another and the more they are able to communicate with one another the more our societies will share ideas and concepts to create better technology. However if communication is cut off then the circle is cut. Technology does not flourish and the strong relations formed are ruined. When these relations are ruined society does not advance to its highest potential such as China during the verge of the Industrial Revolution. The Chinese culture and society was actually more advanced do to their exploration and trade with in the West. However, the Chinese emperor declared China to become isolated because he believed that the Chinese culture was being invaded and destroyed by the foreign influence. Thus, Europe went on to have the industrial revolution and shared ideas between countries which helped the advance of technology and the strengthened communication whereas China slept and did not advance until the 19th century. Thus, today we must continue to hold strong relations with one another in order to advance in society.
Also with bad communication comes bad relations. For example after the Cuban Missile Crisis the Red Phone was established from Washington to Moscow so that the World would not get so close to a Nuclear war again. This shows the establishment of good communication to better society and to allow its advancement. Concluding that communication is the biggest issue in World politics today because it is what drives the world economy, its politics, and its society.


Blogger Adam said...

I really like this one. China, Persia, and India were empires that once had flourishing civilizations, but were suspicious of foreigners and hostile to new ideas. Thus, although it was China who invented gunpowder, it was the West that created the machine gun.

This echoes Paul Kennedy's thesis in "The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers." Awesome book, you should check it out.

4:30 PM  
Blogger EmilyM said...

I love how you tied in the point from macroeconoimcs, I agree that that action really shaped the world as it is today.

1:17 AM  

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