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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Collectivism dead

One thing I found very interesting that I thought Walter and Stephen did a great job at was showing the evolution from the Empire to Capitalism. I noticed that throughout the chapters one can see the increase and the acceptance of individualism. That sparked up the question is individualism a good thing or a bad thing? It comes with such a negative connotation that it is hard to think positively on this topic. However, Opello and Rosow state, “Property came to be seen as a right of the individual, not the corporate group, and thus the individual was allowed to buy and sell it at will.” (p.86) This shows that without individualism the market economy which Capitalism is based on would not be established today.
Then one has to consider the drawbacks of Capitalism. If one looks at it from an American’s perspective there would probably be nothing wrong with it; since, they have been raised in a “cut throat” society. This might sound a little harsh but look at where you are: you are at American University and you got here by competing with thousands of senior high school students. You got in because someone else did not. With if you lived in a small clan community in which it is everyone’s job to look out for everyone, like the communities which were established in nomadic societies. Capitalism to this person would be brutal and cruel.
So over time our world has become more wealthy monetarily and technologically with the emergence of Capitalism and the market economy but at the expense of the collectivism.


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