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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Aliens: Past and Present

I'm sure you all remeber my little tirate during class, so in the intrest of time/not making myself look like an ass, I'm not going to renew those sentiments. Instead, what got me thinking after class was, how was my argument wrong? What I eventually came to realize is that the arguement about aliens landing on the white house lawn does not apply to modern world politics in the sense that what would we do if, say, a chinese jet landed on the white house lawn, because there are those amoung us who could communicate with them, who could understand why they landed on the white house lawn. And there, at least to me, is the most important aspect of the alien question. We could find out why the chinese landed their jet on the white house lawn, we could understand why Al-Qaeda flew jumbo jets into the WTC and the Pentagon. But we could not understand why aliens have landed on the white house. It is the is unknown factor that makes the question so hypothetical. The fact that we would not know what said aliens wanted makes it an unanswerable question. At least for the modern era. But not so much for the past. Indeed aliens did land on planet earth at some point, just ask the indeginous people of the Bahamas when they first met Christopher Columbus. Or the people of China when they first saw Marco....Polo....Marco....Polo....(sorry, I just had to). How did they react, how did they bridge the gap of the question of "Why"? That is the most important point that we must take away from this alien question. What does history show is the reaction of humans when they met someone or something they don't understand? If we look at this question in the scope of the past, than the question of "What would we do aliens landed on the White House lawn?" seems alot less absurd.


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